Good News: You Can Save The Live Streaming Videos From Instagram

You definitely know a fact if you are a fan of instagram live streaming. Instagramers are always confused: The live videos are always disappeared themselves after you ended watching them. As a matter of fact, they were completely deleted including the video cache. These measures made Instagram keep their style as “time limited dynamic function”. However Instagram finally unlocked the authorization of checking the video files so the instagramers are happy to enjoy those videos.

After the live streaming, you can click “SAVE” to remain the video file on upper right corner. According to official, you won’t be able to check the likes and comments in the remaining video. But, in terms of how likely would be Instagram remain those videos online, it’s still an uncertain matter. Now you can have the newest version of Instagram in Android market and iOS market.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Probably Adopt Face Recognition Payment

A news from Bloomberg, Samsung Galaxy S8 will probably make a new change on the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is about to be released soon. They will have a face recognition payment skill launched on the new flagship smartphone, several months after the release. This is actually the 3rd insurance measure except the fingerprint and iris unlock. The resource also exposed, Samsung and its partner bank has already started to prepare for the skill.

It’s worth mentioning that, Apple also hired many experts in this category so the legendary iPhone 10 is likely to have this payment method too.

A Jacket Developed By Google And Levi’s Will Be Released At Autumn

As early as 2015, Google announced that they would startup a development plan on manufacturing clothing with Levi’s. This jacket is based on the Project Jacquard touch cloth. The first product is originally scheduled to be released at Spring but it’s been delayed to Autumn now. This news had been confirmed in SXSW meeting held at the end of this week, by the 2 firms. However, they announced the price tag for the jacket at the same time. It’s 350 USD (approximately 2,400 yuan RMB).

A brief introduction of this jacket is here for you incase you don’t know much of it. It’s conductive cloth is set at the forearm, near the cuff. A bluetooth connect device is featured on the conductive cloth for connecting your phone. On the phone you can choose different functions to do with your cloth, such as scrolling to adjust the volume, giving it a slightly touch to switch songs or customizing a gesture to navigate. It is reported that this jacket will be taken out on trial in SXSW.

Huawei P10 is Opened for Sale at Mar. 24th (Have Purchase Entrance)

After the debut in MWC, Huawei P10/Plus is going to opened for sale at 24th of March in Shanghai. You can pre-order it with 999 yuan. Huawei Watch 2 and these 2 phones are ready for sale on Huawei’s website.

Pre-order activity has been started in today’s morning. 30,140 people has reserved for their wish products. 999 yuan as deposit is requested for reserving a P10/Plus. You have 6 colors to choose. <Entrance>

Huawei watch 2 has 2 versions for you. One is 4G version and the other one is a bluetooth version. Deposit 88 yuan. <Entrance>

Huawei haven’t exposed their prices. Oversea price for P10 4G+64G is 649 EUD (approx. 4704 RMB). The price for P10 Plus 4G+64G is 699 EUD (approx. 5066 RMB). The price for P10 6G+128G is 799 EUD (approx. 5791 RMB).

Huawei P10 designed for young people. Similar to Huawei Mate 9, it has a Unicorn 960 chip and 4GB+64/128GB storage. ROM can extend to 256GB as a max. Leica generation 2 dual-cameras. And it support 4.5G network.

The most amazed feature of Watch 2 is its 4G module. You don’t have to make a phone call by standing beside your phone. And it has a ceramic made body and several motion detect functions.



Are You Fond of Smartphone Games? These Might be Your Options

In the city where i live, almost every morning i can see people are having fun with smartphone games in the subway. They are playing King of Glory at most (the smartphone version of League of legends). So here are some options for smartphone game lovers:

iPhone 7 Plus

Ok, i know you may complain about this. This is the best phone in the world, it doesn’t make sense for you to recommend it. As a matter of fact, as the chip of iPhone 7 plus, A10 is the strongest one in the world. With a 3GB ram, it’s way more suitable for a higher perfomance requirement. Also, iPhone 7 plus has a 5.5 inch screen. You’ll have a stronger visual effect when playing games. However, gamers are always unsatisfied with the battery shortage. This weapon always play an important role for solving your problem.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

As the brother of explosive Note 7, Samsung’s newest phone hit a sweet spot on taking photos. Look at the specs. Snapdragon 820, 4GB ram, 2K Super AMOLED screen. These elements make it a win-win on capability and visual.

LG V20

It’s Snapdragon 820 and 4GB ram again on LG V20. But this phone has a stunning appearance especially for the IPS LCD screen. 5.7 inch with a 2K pixel offer you a great visual experience. Plus the speaker is tuned by B&O, and actually you’ll also get a B&O headphone. You’ll be shocked on the hearing.

Huawei Mate 9 Pro

Mate 9 series is a representative of Huawei’s Unicorn 960 processor. Mali-G71 is the first model of GPU. Although the current MP8 is relatively general, it’s more than enough for the large-scale games. Mate 9 pro is a cheap model with hyperboloid screens. You’ll be surprised at visual experience.

Xiaomi 5s Plus

Xiaomi 5s plus has a better performance than Xiaomi 5s on games. It’s screen material is better than Xiaomi Note 2’s and with a lower price. You can definitely opt it as your game device if you don’t mind its virtual keys.

We also recommend Meizu Pro 6 Plus, Letv Pro3 and One Plus 3T. They are good phones for gaming.


Ofo Curve: Improve Durability and Equipped with A Basket

Reported by Tencent, Ofo doesn’t always fight alone in the battle with shared bicycle. Today they announced the birth of Curve, which is their new generation bike with another company called 700Bike. The new bike is optimized in many aspects. And the 2 companies emphasized its unique concept of low maintenance.

In terms of the bike itself, in one side, Ofo Curve utilize a mechanical lifting tube to adjust its seat height. This is an extraodinary design for Curve to adjust customers with different heights.

In other side, Ofo utilize PU solid inner tyre. Ofo declared, this PU inner tyre is extremely similar to the normal tyre which is impossible to be broken. A test reflected, the PU inner tyre is almost the same with a common tyre when they hold 125 kilograms.

In addition, Ofo Curve has a new ergonomic based hand holder. It will hold an extra power for rider’s palms. Meanwhile, Ofo has a wider seat cusion and a shocking proof ball to reduce vibration caused by the ground. Ofo equipped with a basket too. The basket won’t be swang due to the riding motion.

Mr Dai, the co-founder of Ofo said, it’s unrealistic to avoid the maintainence but will design a low maintainence instead. In terms of Curve, it do reduce a big amount of funds, said by Mr Dai.

Ofo achieved 2 targets at the same time: It does best on improving the user experience and reduce the funds to minimum. It’s outstanding.


ColorWare Customizes Different Colors for Airpods


There are some enterprises doing customization jobs for those popular consumer tech products. Dbrand customizes skins for iPhones. An enterprise named ColorWare customizes different colors for Airpods. Reported by 9to5Mac, The company announced the support for AirPods customization on Twitter, explaining that it was a difficult process. Nevertheless, the feature is now live on ColorWare’s website.

It’s free for customers to customize their favourite colors for each earbud. That means you may own a pair of different color earpieces but not limited by customizing a pair of earbuds with the same color. An amazing news is, you have the right authority to customize a unique charging case, based on a higher budget you can afford.

The minimum price for customization is $289. That’s the price for the earbuds only. $30 is an extra payment if you want to customize the case. ColorWare doesn’t accept an existed Airpods to for painting but only afford a new pair of Airpods if you directly make orders from them. Anyway, customizing colorful Airpods may void Apple’s warranty. This is an essential point that you must consider in.

In Savfyshop, we also support different colors for Savfy’s true wireless earbuds though we don’t need a complex customize procedure for that. As you can see we offer these colors except black:


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