Pay Tribute to HTC? iPhone Battery Case’s Humpbacked Design

iPhone is the most famous around the world. However, the customers criticize its poor battery life that can’t even operate over a whole day including the proximate iPhone 6s.  With a power bank? It’s inconvenient for carrying out. Thus battery case is born as iPhone’s accessory which mainly comes from the third brands though, is popular among Apple’s loyal fans.

Eventually, Apple lost its patient and unveil their own iPhone 6s smart battery case without a trailer last year.


Suddenly this red baby come into my mind:


That’s Incredible S from HTC which also named G11. That’s an Android OS 2.2 old stuff. Apple pay tribute back to HTC since the latter did the same thing by unveiled A9 several years ago, which looks like iPhone.

When you install the battery case, the surrounded appearance is definitely influenced. There’s a long chin at the bottom of the phone.


Silicon gel is the main material of iPhone 6s battery case. The battery at backside is thin instead of the block battery that always adopted ever. That’s why it looks humpbacked.

As for the features, iPhone 6s battery case performs perfectly. In various situations of using the iPhone 6s battery case charges 70~80 percent power in average, reported by Apple.

As a matter of fact, some third-party’s battery case performs a same level at the features and convenience compared to Apple. Savfy performs a well-designed exterior and function. At the backside of Savfy’s battery case there locates a button which shows the battery capacity left. It’s light, more convenient for carrying. Inside the Savfy battery case box there’s a soft iphone case, a user manual, a USB and an extended earphone jack.


Savfy’s Iphone 6S battery case is priced $27.89 after using the coupon code I4Z32I75

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