A Surprised News from Investigation: Airpods are not Flawless?


Airpods came into the market at December 2016. Unfortunately, it did not survive from the flaws even though the release date has been put off for 2 months.

A great advantage of Airpods is that the sound quality is as excellent as wired earpods. Besides, Airpods utilize W1 chip then it is able to be switched to any other devices immediately. The earbuds are allegedly not able to be synchronized and that’s why the released date delayed. Up to now, you will have to wait for one and a half months to get your Airpods.

The connection quality is the main problem. Some Airpods users suffered from an interruption when they started to answer the phone especially if they paired with iPhone 6s, shows from Apple’s official community. The interruption still can’t be solved after many times of connection cancellation and reconnect.

The community also indicates, the interruption will not only be happened when calling. It will appear randomly at any time. Seriously, they can’t use the function naturally. Most of the users that meet this problem are the host of iPhone 6s/6s plus. Few of them use iPhone 7. And some say, the problem happens when they wear 2 earbuds at the mean time.

Actually, there is a battery problem for Airpods some days after its release. The battery capacity will fall down 50% percent after the use of an afternoon. Reported by the specifications of Airpods, every single earbud has 5 hours of enduration and the charging case can offer 24 hours.

Apple starts to investigate the problem among those problem users. If this problem can be solved, then it’s still an extraodinary one.



CES 2017: A Technology Feast

Consumer Electronics Show has come to the 50th. In the past, CES is where technology giants flash their swords and no exceptions in this year. Let’s have a look at the masterpieces.

The biggest E-ink Displays

QuirkLogic amazed people all over the world. They exhibited the 42 inch smart whiteboard which is named as Quilla. You don’t have to photograph and save the photo to remember what you wrote anymore. Quilla itself is able to complete the whole process and save the content in the cloud. It utilize QuirkLogic’s writing technology and own the biggest E-ink screen all over the world.

The weight of Quilla is 22 pounds. If this is a bad news, then 16 hours of battery lifetime must be a good one for you. Last but not least, Quilla can be used together to save the time of turning pages.

Leka smart robot

This Leka smart toy is suitable for exceptional children, especially the children characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people. “Our mission is to help exceptional children live exceptional lives by reducing the inequality that many children with developmental disorders currently deal with”, said Ladilas de Toldi, the firm’s co-founder and CEO. To become far more than playthings, Leka offer features like interactive educational games, stimulating social interaction and enhance emotional functions.

Leka will respond to children timely. If a child throw it to the ground, it will discolor to red to “express” its sad emotion. These reactions will help the exceptional children cure their developmental disorders.


Do you think you have used all of the mobile phones in the world? You must haven’t seen this one. In CES 2017, Royole brought us Flexphone which can be curved.

Royole aim to resolve the contradiction between 2 features of a smartphone: big screen and portability. This smartphone can be wore on the wrist or stretch to restore.

AR devices

In 2017, more than 90 manufacturers settled in CES. It’s a substantial growth compared to CES 2016.  Giants carried their AR devices to CES successively. Sony, Skyworth, Samsung are on the list.

Coocaa VR “Free door” is one of the focal point. Powered by Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 and operated by CoocaaOS, Free door achieve a full immersion on the performance of the sound and vision.

Automatic driving technology

Automatic driving technology and smart car are highlighted in CES 2017. BMW release its inside future sculpture and a automatic driving smart car based on 5 series.

All of the newest technologies are gathered on this car – including automatic driving technology, automatic parking technology and the cloud interconnection technology.

High-end display

In household appliances, Skyworth G9 bring us the first impression. With Dolby vision and Dolby Atmos, the customer have a great experience on image and sound.

AndroidTV and CastTV win much traffic on CES. Both of them are created by Skyworth and Google. Skyworth utilize its own Android OS to make it smarter while Google insist on its path to project the image onto smartphone screen by Chromecast.


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