ColorWare Customizes Different Colors for Airpods


There are some enterprises doing customization jobs for those popular consumer tech products. Dbrand customizes skins for iPhones. An enterprise named ColorWare customizes different colors for Airpods. Reported by 9to5Mac, The company announced the support for AirPods customization on Twitter, explaining that it was a difficult process. Nevertheless, the feature is now live on ColorWare’s website.

It’s free for customers to customize their favourite colors for each earbud. That means you may own a pair of different color earpieces but not limited by customizing a pair of earbuds with the same color. An amazing news is, you have the right authority to customize a unique charging case, based on a higher budget you can afford.

The minimum price for customization is $289. That’s the price for the earbuds only. $30 is an extra payment if you want to customize the case. ColorWare doesn’t accept an existed Airpods to for painting but only afford a new pair of Airpods if you directly make orders from them. Anyway, customizing colorful Airpods may void Apple’s warranty. This is an essential point that you must consider in.

In Savfyshop, we also support different colors for Savfy’s true wireless earbuds though we don’t need a complex customize procedure for that. As you can see we offer these colors except black:


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