Ofo Curve: Improve Durability and Equipped with A Basket

Reported by Tencent, Ofo doesn’t always fight alone in the battle with shared bicycle. Today they announced the birth of Curve, which is their new generation bike with another company called 700Bike. The new bike is optimized in many aspects. And the 2 companies emphasized its unique concept of low maintenance.

In terms of the bike itself, in one side, Ofo Curve utilize a mechanical lifting tube to adjust its seat height. This is an extraodinary design for Curve to adjust customers with different heights.

In other side, Ofo utilize PU solid inner tyre. Ofo declared, this PU inner tyre is extremely similar to the normal tyre which is impossible to be broken. A test reflected, the PU inner tyre is almost the same with a common tyre when they hold 125 kilograms.

In addition, Ofo Curve has a new ergonomic based hand holder. It will hold an extra power for rider’s palms. Meanwhile, Ofo has a wider seat cusion and a shocking proof ball to reduce vibration caused by the ground. Ofo equipped with a basket too. The basket won’t be swang due to the riding motion.

Mr Dai, the co-founder of Ofo said, it’s unrealistic to avoid the maintainence but will design a low maintainence instead. In terms of Curve, it do reduce a big amount of funds, said by Mr Dai.

Ofo achieved 2 targets at the same time: It does best on improving the user experience and reduce the funds to minimum. It’s outstanding.




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