Are You Fond of Smartphone Games? These Might be Your Options

In the city where i live, almost every morning i can see people are having fun with smartphone games in the subway. They are playing King of Glory at most (the smartphone version of League of legends). So here are some options for smartphone game lovers:

iPhone 7 Plus

Ok, i know you may complain about this. This is the best phone in the world, it doesn’t make sense for you to recommend it. As a matter of fact, as the chip of iPhone 7 plus, A10 is the strongest one in the world. With a 3GB ram, it’s way more suitable for a higher perfomance requirement. Also, iPhone 7 plus has a 5.5 inch screen. You’ll have a stronger visual effect when playing games. However, gamers are always unsatisfied with the battery shortage. This weapon always play an important role for solving your problem.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

As the brother of explosive Note 7, Samsung’s newest phone hit a sweet spot on taking photos. Look at the specs. Snapdragon 820, 4GB ram, 2K Super AMOLED screen. These elements make it a win-win on capability and visual.

LG V20

It’s Snapdragon 820 and 4GB ram again on LG V20. But this phone has a stunning appearance especially for the IPS LCD screen. 5.7 inch with a 2K pixel offer you a great visual experience. Plus the speaker is tuned by B&O, and actually you’ll also get a B&O headphone. You’ll be shocked on the hearing.

Huawei Mate 9 Pro

Mate 9 series is a representative of Huawei’s Unicorn 960 processor. Mali-G71 is the first model of GPU. Although the current MP8 is relatively general, it’s more than enough for the large-scale games. Mate 9 pro is a cheap model with hyperboloid screens. You’ll be surprised at visual experience.

Xiaomi 5s Plus

Xiaomi 5s plus has a better performance than Xiaomi 5s on games. It’s screen material is better than Xiaomi Note 2’s and with a lower price. You can definitely opt it as your game device if you don’t mind its virtual keys.

We also recommend Meizu Pro 6 Plus, Letv Pro3 and One Plus 3T. They are good phones for gaming.