A Jacket Developed By Google And Levi’s Will Be Released At Autumn

As early as 2015, Google announced that they would startup a development plan on manufacturing clothing with Levi’s. This jacket is based on the Project Jacquard touch cloth. The first product is originally scheduled to be released at Spring but it’s been delayed to Autumn now. This news had been confirmed in SXSW meeting held at the end of this week, by the 2 firms. However, they announced the price tag for the jacket at the same time. It’s 350 USD (approximately 2,400 yuan RMB).

A brief introduction of this jacket is here for you incase you don’t know much of it. It’s conductive cloth is set at the forearm, near the cuff. A bluetooth connect device is featured on the conductive cloth for connecting your phone. On the phone you can choose different functions to do with your cloth, such as scrolling to adjust the volume, giving it a slightly touch to switch songs or customizing a gesture to navigate. It is reported that this jacket will be taken out on trial in SXSW.