Are You Fond of Smartphone Games? These Might be Your Options

In the city where i live, almost every morning i can see people are having fun with smartphone games in the subway. They are playing King of Glory at most (the smartphone version of League of legends). So here are some options for smartphone game lovers:

iPhone 7 Plus

Ok, i know you may complain about this. This is the best phone in the world, it doesn’t make sense for you to recommend it. As a matter of fact, as the chip of iPhone 7 plus, A10 is the strongest one in the world. With a 3GB ram, it’s way more suitable for a higher perfomance requirement. Also, iPhone 7 plus has a 5.5 inch screen. You’ll have a stronger visual effect when playing games. However, gamers are always unsatisfied with the battery shortage. This weapon always play an important role for solving your problem.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

As the brother of explosive Note 7, Samsung’s newest phone hit a sweet spot on taking photos. Look at the specs. Snapdragon 820, 4GB ram, 2K Super AMOLED screen. These elements make it a win-win on capability and visual.

LG V20

It’s Snapdragon 820 and 4GB ram again on LG V20. But this phone has a stunning appearance especially for the IPS LCD screen. 5.7 inch with a 2K pixel offer you a great visual experience. Plus the speaker is tuned by B&O, and actually you’ll also get a B&O headphone. You’ll be shocked on the hearing.

Huawei Mate 9 Pro

Mate 9 series is a representative of Huawei’s Unicorn 960 processor. Mali-G71 is the first model of GPU. Although the current MP8 is relatively general, it’s more than enough for the large-scale games. Mate 9 pro is a cheap model with hyperboloid screens. You’ll be surprised at visual experience.

Xiaomi 5s Plus

Xiaomi 5s plus has a better performance than Xiaomi 5s on games. It’s screen material is better than Xiaomi Note 2’s and with a lower price. You can definitely opt it as your game device if you don’t mind its virtual keys.

We also recommend Meizu Pro 6 Plus, Letv Pro3 and One Plus 3T. They are good phones for gaming.



The WSJ: The Tenth Anniversary iPhone Will Adopt Curved OLED Screen

2017 is the tenth year since iPhone was born. In earlier time, WSJ learned from informed sources that the Tenth anniversary iPhone has decided to have a curved OLED screen. At the same time, there are another 2 normal versions are equipped with LCD panel. All of them will debut at the end of 2017. It’s worth mentioning that the price tag of the special version iPhone is 1,000 dollars. The home button and the lightning socket will be removed and be replaced by a control panel and a Type-C port.

To be honest, cancelling home button is understandable, but giving up lightning? The possibility of uniting them to a USB-C is very small though it is really a great idea. In addition, we also said, on the new iPhone we may see the first public result so many years after Apple bought PrimeSense – The result is a front camera with distance sensing function. Combined with Tim Cook’s opinions to AR technology, you’ll find this function is reasonable to be added.

As for who is the supplier behind the curved screen, Samsung is likely to undertake the task, at least in the initial stage. LG Display and JDI? They are predicted to satisfy Apple’s capacity requirement in 2018. But obviously the latter will probably refuse to miss the chance.

See Who is Coming: Meizu Super mCharge

Yesterday we talked about the revolution of charging devices. I didn’t expect Meizu Super mCharge is coming today. Charging technology is growing rapidly.

In the latest MWC, Meizu arrived to an upper level with their charging speed. They charged a demo phone with a huge USB-PD charging power source, showed a stunning charging capability of fully refilling a 3,000 mAh battery within 20 minutes. (30% done within 5 minutes) In the charging procedure, the charging speed came to 55W (11V 5A) as a max. The temperature is keeping under 39 degrees Celsius, reported by the testing result.

According to Meizu, Super mCharge took advantage of Industry Innovative Charge Pump Technology. Rely on two groups of circuits, a half of the voltage is directly outputted. The conversion rate arrived of up to 98%. It’s a 9% higher than QC 3.0 and a 3% higher than OPPO’s VOOC charging, respectively. As a result, the high power due to low conversion rate caused by the heat problem will be resolved, plus a customized 160W loaded power cord and a new added E-mark dynamic adjusted chip inside the plug, it also has a theoretically better guarantee in security. For the battery itself, Meizu customized another one with a bigger capacity. It’s reportedly able to load 4 times of current as an ordinary battery. And at the same time, you don’t have to worry about the long lasting time. After 800 times of cycle charging, you still have more than 80% lasting capacity.

But the truth is, Super mCharge is like OPPO’s Super VOOC in last year, staying in technical demonstration stage. No evidance to proof that when it’ll be employed on the real products.

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The Revolution of the Socket

As we can see, the types of charging devices are increasing. The phones need to be charged, the cars need to be charged, electricity is becoming the main power source in our daily life. Depending on this, we need different types of charging devices to refill our gadgets. A well known device is charging socket.

When i was young, my mother stopped me when i try to touch the sockets. This frightened thing scared me until i saw the sockets are everywhere. The first few generations of socket are less safer than now. So let’s have a look on the revolution of sockets.


This black one was utilized in 1950. At that time, people have to put the screws onto the wall and connect the wire by themselves.


You must have seen this kind of televisions. They are old but are widely used in 1970-1980. People are still using the sockets above. Interesting, people would hide the sockets by some barriers. The plugs of tv wouldn’t be pulled out until years later.


In 1995, Bull brand came into the world. As you can see in the picture, i can still see many sockets with this specification are being sold in the market right now. Bull brand is one of the leader brands of this kind of products. In early period, Bull brand sockets were designed by Mr Ruan, he also guarded a pass for those sockets. Until today, every unit is with a  switch button on a socket.


In 1997, the first edition of International Standard released. With the number GB 2099.3-1997. It started to prosecute in 1999.


This is the second edition of International Standard released in 2008. Standard number: GB 2099.3-2008. At that time, 10% of the fire disaster resulted from the using of low-quality sockets. It started to prosecute in 2010.


This newest standard was released in 2015 and will start to prosecute in 2017. Standard number: GB 2099.3-2015. Currently, Bull brand and other brands have released their newest charging devices.



Huawei P10 is Coming Out

Lewis Hilsenteger receives and unboxes products every day. No exception this time. But hours ago he carried a super big box in his Unbox Therapy channel, ready to go over with it. He started to crack the box to see what’s in there.


The manufaturer who sent him the box even printed a logo with Unbox Therapy. This get Lew amazed like what he said, “This smells fresh.” Then he discovered the Huawei P10 inside. Huawei prepared a great stuff with great package for Lew. Both of the wood box and the P10’s package are magnetic.

In terms of the P10 itself. We don’t find out a big difference of the appearance comparing with its former devices. The sim tool is stunning. You can have 2 sim cards together either or you can have one sim card and a micro sd card. A phone case is included so you don’t have to buy another one. When he switched on the P10, the fingerprint setting is following up with it. A highlight of this P10 is, you can’t imagine how fast it unlocks with your fingerprint. It’s just like, you touch the fingerprint sensor very slightly, a little knock on it and it unlocks the phone.

Lew didn’t disclose more about P10. But you can also watch his video to know more details:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date

People is concentrating on the coming Samsung Galaxy S8’s trailer more than the 2 tablets from Samsung in the latest MWC. As what we expected, they announced a new unpacked conference will be held on March 29th, in New York. How will this new generation of Samsung perform? We will get an answer after a month.

Savfy is going to follow up with the new phone by then. Welcome to have a search on those accessories here.

MotherBox: May Support the First Wave of Wireless Charging?

The famous Youtuber Marques Brownlee said many times,” wireless charging must be one of the most stunning and most demanded feature of a smartphone.” Exactly. Plus, any electronic device will become a super winner if they can live without an adapter. But, how far actually do this charging skill achieve?

Magical, pure wirelessly charging seems a milestone that we can’t arrive even in next few years. But the wireless charging is developing even though it need some mediums to perform. Charging pad or inductive charger are the classic options. To be honest, this revolution makes it more convenient.

The MotherBox, a company and another company behind The MotherBox named Yank Tech, promised that they owned the special ability. A flash point is, smartphones can be charged by a 2 watt battery resource in 20 inches away. The power is increasing as the distance is smaller. In 15 to 10 inches, the MotherBox supplies 4W. In 8 to 5 inches, the MotherBox supplies 8W. 10W it supplies when the distance is smaller than 5 inches.

Of course, the MotherBox is not a flawless one. The truncated icosahedron shaped main body is required to be plugged in. A smaller one is being created, at the expence of far more limited range. This extraodinary tech gadget can’t work without a receiver with the phone, either.

All of the above are emphasizing that the MotherBox is surely useful. Yank Tech disclosed the crowdfunding for one of their hardware products from a new company. Therefore, the price will be back to $79 in Indiegogo if people believe the MotherBox’s ability. Yank Tech hopes to ship the first wave of products in September later this year.